Update your website content and images from anywhere in the world

Reduce your ongoing web costs by signing up with Webz and start editing your own content today!

The Webz Content Manager comes with a unique, user-friendly interface so that you can update your website content with ease.

This facility allows you to reduce your ongoing running costs as you'll no longer need to make expensive calls to your Web Designer or Developer to get them to update your content for you. You do not need to have any web experience to be able to use our Content Manager. Its intuitive & easy to navigate around.

Advantages of Webz CMS

  • User friendly interface: very intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Integrated with a Shopping Cart Module.
  • Easily add photo galleries.
  • Update your website using an editor similar to Microsoft word.
  • Re-written URLs for added security.
  • Tested across both platforms and all modern browsers.
  • MVC (Model View Controller) framework applied to allow for scalability.
  • All systems fully tested and all appropriate web security measures apply.

Content Management

  • Login to your website administration area from any computer
  • Add unlimited new pages
  • Add/edit text and images on your web pages
  • Upoad images & video files
  • Insert PDFs, links and other useful resources
  • Manage photo galleries



The product itself is so easy to use – intuitive and straightforward, the Preview feature and the pre-determined Styles package help ensure consistency in a low-risk, user-friendly space. It’s fast and it’s fun – thank you Webz Team, we recommend you without hesitation! - J. Davidson, Current Events.