If communication is your strong point and you're looking to do more online than website promotion, the Consolidate plan allows you to keep regular communications up with your customers and potential target audiences.

Publish Latest News

If you have written any articles about your business, ensure you keep a copy of them online.  For those of you who want to keep their customers up to date with regular news or articles, this package is perfect for you.  This features enables you to publish your latest news and keep a record of archived news online and accessible to the public.

This is essential for those who wish to improve their search engine rankings!

Newsletter Signup Form

Also known in the web world as a "namesqueeze" page, this feature is a simple form where web visitors can enter their name and email address to signup for your latest promotion or article.  The concept with this type of form is to collect peoples names and email addresses for your company database - a simple yet very valuable tool!

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are essential for online promotion!  This feature enables you to populate your latest news into a monthly email newsletter just as easily as you put information on a page.  You can then send an email out to your database with a link to your online newsletter, so that your customers can keep up to date with your latest news and promotions.

Mail Chimp Integration for Email Newsletters

Your customer database is a very valuable resource and given that it is much easier to sell to existing customers than it is to get new ones, you should regularly send email newsletters out to your target audience, keeping them up to date with your latest news, special offers and whats coming soon!  But more importantly, you should measure the success of those promotions so that you can analyse your campaigns and make them more effective.

To make this as simple as possible for you, we have integrated Mail Chimp for you.

User Management

Your database is your most valuable asset so database management is a must for those businesses with a large client base.  Manage your users with our fantastic new database management facility.

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