5 Step Diagram5 Easy steps to getting online

  1. Choose the best package for your needs
  2. Register a domain name for your website
  3. Add additional features to your purchase.
  4. Confirm your order.
  5. Pay for your subscription and start promoting online instantly

Is your business online and generating results?

With Webz, from just a dollar a day, your business can generate great results online.
Webz provide an online software subscription service, so rather than spending lots of money up front, start with one of our simple plans and as your business grows, simply upgrade to the next plan.

Affordable websites that tick all the boxes.

  • Websites that convert visitors into customers
  • Visually appealing web designs 
  • Web pages that get found on Google
  • Web page layout and navigation that is easy and intuitive to use
  • Websites that work on all modern browers and iPhones
  • The latest web features available at no extra cost
  • Web solutions that can easily be added as my business grows

About Webz

Websites can be costly and very complex to use.  For those who have never ventured into the world of web before, there is a lot to understand.  Our solution overcomes both of these issues, allowing you to get online and promote your business or project instantly and affordably.

The Solution
Webz's solution has been established primarily with small businesses in mind.  There is no need to spend time researching and engaging all the experts required to build a reliable, professional, search engine friendly website – we source them for you and manage all the technical aspects.  With Webz, you can subscribe to our proven web solutions to promote your project online rather than spending a large amount of money investing in a custom built website.

Why pay more than $1/day to promote your business or project online?
Webz provide web software as a serivce - you subscribe to for only as long as you require the website.  With Webz, you get your website setup instantly and only signup to the services you require – for most small businesses there really is no need to pay more than $1/ day to promote your business online. 

Advantages of Webz

  • Instant setup so you can start promoting your project online today
  • No software to download or install
  • Search engine friendly websites (get found on Google)
  • Low ongoing fees (from $1/day) and no hidden costs
  • No minimum period commitment – only subscribe for as long as you require the service
  • High quality websites which are fast, reliable and easy to navigate
  • No restriction to your web design: simply add on a custom designs created by one of our hand selected professional designers
  • We also offer a range of complementary services, such as affordable, copywriting services if you would like help in writing effective web content
  • User friendly administration interface for web publishing
  • Ability to login and add, edit and delete pages, text, images and other media without requiring the help or expertise of a web professional
  • Files and other media such as images, videos and galleries can be uploaded and updated with ease
  • Take advantage of the latest features which are constantly evolving and available to you at no extra cost above your subscribed plan
  • Manage your online shop or display your product gallery online
  • Membership only pages for intranet or private member access
  • Integrated business modules such as eCommerce, Event Registration, Classified Advertising and email newsletters which are all managed from the SAME administration area
  • Capability for expansion – Webz software has been built with expansion in mind - simply upgrade your package to take advantage of our advanced features

What do I get?
When you subscribe to Webz, you get a simple website instantly setup for you and can immediately log in and start adding content to promote your business or project.  The basic install is a simple website layout however for less than $1000, you can also elect to have the website styled to match your logo/branding or have a design customised for you.  View our portfolio for some examples of our websites for under $1000.

How do I get started?
Simply signup and start promoting your business online today.  We make it easy for you to add-on additional features such as a customized design.  If you are working with a tight budget, you can still signup today and when your budget allows, enhanced features such as design can be added at a later date. 

Future Proof your website
As your business grows, you are able to upgrade to one of our higher plans if you wish to take advantages of the enhanced features available.  Check out our current features.

Check out our design packages, pick a plan and signup and start promoting your business or project online today or check out our FAQs section for more information.